Custom Pool Repair & Construction Services

Servicng your Pool is as Important as your Home

Pool Maintenance Orange CountyWe always remind our customers to service their pool as often as they vacuum the floors of their beautiful home. Our partner Pool Company in Orange County California deals with a variety of clientele who own beautiful homes but often neglect their pool and spa maintenance due to the fact they cant seem to find the right pool maintenance company to handle it for them.

Good Pool Maintenance Leads to Good Pool Plaster Life

Sometimes multiple times during the week if needed during the nights when unoccupied. As chlorine cleans the pool, it it binds to nitrogen, ammonia, and other chemicals. This binding action makes it inactive, while acting on skin as an irritant. An occasional shock treatment dose will eliminate this bonded chlorine but is also harmful until distributed evenly amongst your water features so please do this when your pool or spa is empty, we suggest hiring a professional commercial water feature maintenance company to handle all your pool, spa, or additional water feature needs.

Swimming Pool Filter Equipment Service

An advantage offered to those owning cartridge filter is the lack of continuous pool filter replacement orange countymaintenance required.  In contrast, sometimes a sand filter must be backwashed numerous times every month making a DE filter an ideal choice for your pool or spa.  DE filters typically only need to be cleaned at most once per month

We suggest your filter is cleaned a minimum of 7-8 times per year (or when your pressure gauge reads 8-10+ regardless of pressure relief) to help extend the life of the filter cartridge elements. Although these numbers can vary and are contingent on how your system was built.

Sometimes this can be a very tedious process and it’s better to call a professional company. If you are an avid DIY’er the steps are all simple to do, although be prepared with a little time and the potential to get a little wet.

The following steps will not only show you how to clean your cartridge filter, but how to efficiently and safely clean your filter element.

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